The organization is dedicated to making home buyers aware of almost 2000 programs offered by multiple lenders, banks and agencies, get an rate that they want on a mortgage and buy the property that they want.

MortgageRates.Loan trains and certifies qualified loan professionals to help guide borrowers through the home loan process.

Because rates and programs are constantly changing, MortgageRates.Loan continuously searches programs, and trains high quality employees, that are on the cutting edge of the mortgage and real estate industry, to serve you and your community.

Our Mission

Housing is the foundation for success and stability in our communities. We collaborate with individuals, communities and partners to create, preserve and find financing for affordable housing. For almost 230 years, people in the United States have looked at home ownership as the American Dream. Our mission is to make it possible for as many qualified borrowers as possible.

Our Values

Our most important value, is to improve the lives of all Americans.

We look to improve the lives of all Americans.

We are accountable for our actions and look to hold other accountable to eligible borrowers in all communities.

We lead with respect and act with integrity.

We strive to inform buyers of the honest choices available to them, allowing them to enjoy access to housing choices.

We are innovative problem solvers.

We engage people, communities and partners across all 50 of the great states of the United States.